Frequently asked questions:

When will I receive my login details?
When you make a payment you will be transferred to the members area immediately, so no waiting!

Are there any recurring payments with Watch-Sky-Free.Com?
No Initial or recurring payments currently under this FREE promotion

How do I watch the live football or other channels?
Channels will open conveniently in either Windows Media Player or Real Player
In order to view live football you pick the game from the schedule on our homepage!

What type of live football can I view?
You can watch most English and some European matches

Can I watch Premiership matches
Yes, the schedules are added daily.

Are there other channels apart from football?
Yes, many different channels from Comedy, Films, other Sports, Adult Interests to CNN, Films / Movies and Sky News!

Is the members area of this website updated?
Yes, there are new channels added a they become available. Also we will bring you other useful links that we feel may be of interest to our members.

Is Watch-Sky-Free.Com legal?
Yes, absolutely! You are granted access to open gateways which is not illegal.

What do I get for the £7.95? - CURRENTLY FREE
No payment is made at all...Its currently FREE. You will be transferred to the download area to download the software.

How many channels are included in the package?
Our service package comes with well over 2000 channels from all over the world including local, regional and international broadcasts.

What software do I use to watch the streams ?
Windows Media Player or Real Player. Both applications are available on the Internet for FREE and via a link from the members area!

Is this a service available in the UK only?
No, absolutely not! Our service can be accessed from any PC in the world?

Are future updates available?
Of course! Please check our members area - You have unlimited access to all the content at        Watch-Sky-Free.Com!


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